Fee structure

Personalized Course Planner

Dear Student

Welcome to create the curve.  We are putting a sincere effort into resolving every issue in the learning process that the school cannot solve viz personal attention, personal understanding, development of subject interest, and an aptitude for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. We would be using “flipped classes” with some modifications. We start our sessions with a “Pre Test” that could be in written form or in verbal form, followed by teaching, learning, and practicing questions. 

Fully Interactive live sessions

Student Centric Approach and Practise Based Curriculum

Quality Operations

Result Oriented

Time Table

  • Weekly updates of time table will be provided on the basis of student’s and teachers’ convenience
  • To check the changes, students can go through the link given link
  • Information on assignments and attendance will be provided on the same sheet


Perform | Analyse | Improve


  • We will be keeping a Test, after the completion of every chapter
  • Access more than 100+ tests –  https://testseries.createcurve.com/  
  • Prior Information will be provided for the test
  • The result of the test will be shared with Students and Parents

Practice Material

  • DPP will be posted on WhatsApp group and Google Drive – Content
  • Please find the link for the same   Create Curve

Fee Structure